Landlord and Tenant Board: Rules of Practice

Landlord and Tenant Board: Rules of Practice

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Originally Posted: Wed May 02, 2007

Under the new Residential Tenancies Act, the old Housing Tribunal has been replaced with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). The LTB has now published its Rules of Practice on its website at:

The Rules govern all procedings before the LTB. Anyone practising before the Board or working with clients on a housing matter should be familiar with the Rules and how to locate them. The following is the list of the Rules, all of which are linked on the website:

Rule # Title
1 General Rules
2 Initiative of the Board
3 Communications with the Board
4 Computation of Time
5 Serving a Document on Another Party
6 Filing Documents with the Board
7 French Language Services
8 Application Screening
9 Refusing to Accept or Proceed with an Application
10 Serving the Application or Motion and the Notice of Hearing
11 Certificates of Service
12 Rescheduling a Hearing
13 Mediation by the Board
14 Settlements reached without Board Mediation
15 Extending and Shortening Time
16 Amending Applications
17 Withdrawing an Application
18 Severing an Application
19 Disclosure Rules
20 Pre-Hearing Conferences
21 Electronic Hearings
22 Written Hearings
23 Requiring a Witness to Attend a Hearing
24 Restricting Public Access to a Hearing
25 Recording of Proceedings
26 Orders and Reasons
27 Ordering Costs to a Party or Board Costs
28 Amending an Order
29 Review of Orders
30 Order Void or Stayed
31 Paying Money into & out of the Board
Appendix A ServiceOntario Locations
Appendix B Witness Fees

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