Residential Tenancies Act Certificate Courses

Residential Tenancies Act Certificate Courses

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CLS, in partnership with Lambton College, offers the Certificate in Community Advocacy. More information about the Certificate Program and course requirements is available on the CLS website at and at You may also contact us at with any questions you may have.

One of the Certificate offerings covers the Residential Tenancies Act. Because of the complexity and breadth of this topic, the course is offered in two parts: Residential Tenancies Act - Part I, and Residential Tenancies Act - Part II. Both courses are offered live (sequentially) at Lambton College on a rotating basis during Fall semesters. The courses are also available online twice a year on a rotating-schedule basis.

A brief description of the Courses follows. Anyone with an interest in community advocacy and social welfare issues is welcome in this, and in all, CLS course offerings regardless of whether you want to pursue the entire Certificate program. We hope to see you in an online or live course soon!

Kathryn M. Bullon
CLS Associate Legal Education Coordinator

Margaret N. Capes
CLS Legal Education Coordinator

CACP 1040 and CACP 1050

The Residential Tenancies Act regulates the relationship between residential landlords and tenants in Ontario. In these modules, we consider what is covered by the , breaking a lease, evictions, privacy issues, repairs and maintenance, rules relating to rent, and proceedings before the Landlord and Tenant Board. There are numerous ways that a lay advocate can assist someone with tenancy problems and this modules emphasizes how and when their intervention can be most effective.
Kathryn M. Bullon, B.Sc., J.D., M.Ad.Ed.
Legal Education Co-Coordinator
Community Law School
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