New EI Appeal Decisions Database

New EI Appeal Decisions Database

Postby CLS » Tue Feb 19, 2008 3:25 pm

Originally Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2007

A new database, "Employment Insurance Appeal Decisions Favourable to Workers" is now available to the public on the Employment Insurance website at: ... tion.shtml.

As explained on the website:

"Employment Insurance Appeal Decisions Favourable to Workers


The...purpose of the database is to make available to Employment Insurance Boards of Referees and the interested public, a collection of Employment Insurance jurisprudence where the decision was favourable to workers.

The database is divided into subject areas which correspond to the main issues pertaining to a claimant's entitlement to benefits. Each subject is further divided by sub-headings to make it easier to find relevant caselaw on a particular topic or issue. For each decision included in the database, there is a brief description of the facts of the case, and a link to the complete text of the decision...

It is recommended that appellants using the “Employment Insurance Appeal Decisions Favourable to Workers” database to prepare for hearings before the Board of Referees or an Umpire read all of the summaries which may apply to their situation. Appellants are also advised to read the complete text of any decision on which they want to rely in order to ensure that the facts and the decision supports the position that they intend to take.

Appellants should also be aware that decisions favourable to the Commission are not included in this database, and should be consulted in order to get a complete understanding of the existing jurisprudence. A complete database of all employment insurance decisions is available at Other research tools to help appellants better understand the procedures and assist them in preparing for their appeal can be found in the appeals Web site

This new database can be an important tool for advocates. However, as cautioned in the Introduction to the database, care must be taken to also familiarize oneself with decisions that are unfavourable to one's case in order to have the full picture on appeal.

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