Ontario's Do Not Call List

Ontario's Do Not Call List

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At long last, Ontario's Do Not Call List is accepting registrations. The Do Not Call list allows individuals to register both home (landline) and cell telephone numbers on the list. Once registered, telemarketers that have no previous business relationship with the individual are prohibited from contacting the individual via the registered telephone numbers. There are some exceptions, and one must re-register every three years.

Community Law School has prepared a summary of how the Do Not Call List works. If you would like a printable Word version of the summary, please email us at communitylawschool@gmail.com.


The National Do Not Call List

Fall 2008

What is the National Do Not Call List?

• the Federal government created the list to help control the number of telemarketing calls/faxes Canadians receive each year
• its is effective September 30, 2008
• you can register for 3 years and must then renew
• there is no charge to register
• it takes 31 days for the registration to be effective

What is a telemarketing?

• it is the use of the telephone or fax machine for the purpose of selling a product or service

Which telemarketers are covered by the Do Not Call List?

• all telemarketers working for Canadian or non Canadian companies who call or fax from Canada are covered except for those listed below
• telemarketers calling for a non Canadian company from outside of Canada are NOT covered

Who can still call?

• calls made by Canadian charities, political parties and newspapers
• calls made by businesses you already have a relationship with
• product recall calls
• appointment re-scheduling/reminder calls (for example, dentist appointment)
• calls related to debt collection (for example, collection agencies)
• public service announcements
• survey/public opinion polls
• any telemarketing calls you consent to receive

How do I get on the Do Not Call List or make a complaint about a telemarketer?

• you can register online at the National DNCL Web site (http://www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca)
• you can call the National DNCL service line toll-free at 1-866-580-DNCL (1-866-580-3625) or by TTY at 1-888-DNCL-TTY at (1-888-362-5889)
• you can write to: CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2 (Attention: Do Not Call List)

How do I otherwise control unwanted calls?

• you can ask any of the organizations which are allowed to call to add you to their internal do not call lists (for example, political parties, charities, newspapers)

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