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Collection Agencies Often Run Afoul of the Law

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:48 pm
by CLS
A CBC investigation has revealed what many already know from personal experience: bill collectors in Canada often use aggressive tactics to chase consumers, sometimes even managing to reel in payments when no credit was owed in the first place. Some practices — such as daily phone calls, threatening language, accosting friends and relatives, or contacting debtors during late-night or early-morning hours — amount to illegal behaviour, depending on the province or territory. For more information see:

In Ontario, consumers are protected by the Collection Agencies Act, which regulates the days and times that collection agencies may contact debtors, limits who (beside the debtor) they may contact, prohibits harassing behaviour toward debtors, and provides other protections for debtors. More information on Ontario's law may be found on the website of the Ministry of Consumer Services at: You can also find more in-depth information in the Community Law School's webinar, Collection Agencies, on the Your Legal Rights website at: