CAP Site Funding Eliminated!

CAP Site Funding Eliminated!

Postby CLS » Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:08 am

In a move that will jeopardize free, public internet access for the most vulnerable members of our society---the poor, elderly, and marginalized---the Federal government has announced that it will no longer fund the Community Access Program (CAP) that currently funds thousands of internet-connected computer terminals across the country. More information about the announcement of the defunding can be found in an April 10, 2012 Ottawa Citizen article here:, and in many other news reports nation-wide.

Loss of CAP sites will eliminate computer access for people who need it most, not just for general information-gathering, but to access essential government services, seek employment, comply with medical and governmental program reporting requirements, apply for social assistance, and gain needed job skills (to name just a few).

The Nova Scotia CAP Association has launched a website devoted to information about CAP and the impact of removing Program funding: We urge you to take a look at the website, and join in the fight against the elimination of this important program that provides a vital service to so many people who lack the means to secure their own computer and internet access.

In particular, please take a moment to contact your MP and express your objection to the decision to no longer fund CAP---a decision that, by cutting off access to the digital age, leaves innumerable Canadian residents behind in the dark age.

Thank you.
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